Ways to Help Lower Your Electric Bill

Electricity costs have been dominating the headlines for sometime now, particularly in Ontario, where soaring hydro rates have caused the ruling Liberal Party’s numbers to go steadily in the other direction.

Do you find that your electricity bill is causing you grief month after month? Here are some ways you can help to reduce both your consumption and costs:

Keep Your Freezer Full

It’s always good to have extra food on hand, but did you know that it can also help to save you money? If your freezer is filled, the frozen food acts as insulation, helping to ensure a consistent temperature and reducing the amount of time the refrigerator has to run.

Leave Major Tasks for Off-Peak Times

There’s a good chance that your local hydro company has different usage rates for different times of the day. If you run your dishwasher during the middle of the day, for example, the electricity rate per minute could be more than three times as much as you would be charged for running it in the evening.

More Efficient Washing Machine Use

Hold off on running a load of laundry until the machine is full. Also, wash your clothes using cold water as it takes extra energy to heat the water.

Lower Your Heat at Night

We all like to be warm and cozy at night, but you can accomplish that with extra blankets and sheets; turn down the thermostat during your sleeping hours.

More Efficient Use of Your Oven

When pre-heating your oven to cook meals, keep an eye on it so that your food can go in as soon as the desired temperature is reached. You can also turn the oven off a few minutes before the cooking time has finished, using the heat already built-up inside to finish the job.