How to Stay Positive

Does life seem increasingly like it is dragging you down? People today face an odd paradox: it is easier now than ever before to know what is going on, but is that such a good thing? It often seems like the world is drowning in negativity. News networks just make things worse by adhering to the “If it bleeds, it leads” thinking. What is the best way to keep people tuned into your 24-hour news cycle? Keep them on the edge of their seat and thinking that they absolutely need to know what you have coming up.

Social media can also contribute to this issue as people tend to share the negative things. That can lead to fighting (especially where politics is concerned), stress, anxiety, and anger. It’s no wonder that people get fed up and delete their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Here are three ways to avoid such feelings:

Get Some Me Time

Find some time in your day to get away from it all and relax in a quiet room. Listen to soothing music, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Try to do this for at least 20-30 minutes per day.

Practice Meditation

If you like the above form of relaxation, meditation is a good next step. You can join a meditation group or simply practice it on your own. One advantage of attending a group is that it means you are committed to practicing meditation at a set time each week. For some, that helps them to keep on track. Once they have several classes under their belt and understand the effectiveness of meditation, they will begin to practice it regularly at home.

Even if you just prefer to do it alone, there is essentially no wrong way to meditate. Find a quiet room, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. You can also follow along to guided meditation videos available online. Meditation takes some practice, so don’t be discouraged if you find this challenging. Just keep practicing and you will get the hang of it!

Take a Social Media Break

Social media can be quite fulfilling and addictive, which can make it hard to put down your phone. However, it is wise to stop monitoring your feeds and the news every once in a while. Go for a walk, read a book, have a coffee with friends. Leave your phone at home.