The Value of Quiet Time

Are you are leading a life where silence is almost an unknown quantity? So many of us nowadays spend an increasingly large percentage of our day in virtual panic mode. There are multiple things that need to be done and just as many deadlines on the horizon. This means we do not have a chance to sit down and, to use an old phrase, smell the roses.

This is unfortunate because it is not healthy to always be on the go. Both our bodies and minds need quiet time: occasions when we are not thinking about work or friends or family or problems or money… or anything else that causes us physical and mental stress.

Some people might say, well, if I am not doing anything, then I feel bored. Some people who worry about their personal productivity will feel guilty. However, quiet time allows for important processes such as, creativity, reflection, and recollection.

Sometimes things do not work out because we simply have not had enough time to properly plan them. Quiet time allows you to think things through to the extent that you end up with the result that is satisfying and accurate.

These moments are also a wonderful time to exercise your creativity. Do whatever it takes to block out the rest of the world and luxuriate in the quiet. This allows your brain to concentrate fully on the task at hand and for you to live in the moment. Both are prerequisites for great art and satisfying creative expression. There is a reason that artists live in spaces that are often distant from the hustle and bustle and noise of their general surroundings.

Quiet time is also good for reducing your level of stress. That brings down your blood pressure and helps to decrease the likelihood of serious issues like heart attack and stroke.