Is Pot in Your Future?

July 1st, 2018 will be a special day in Canadian history. On that date, recreational marijuana will be legal for this first time in the country. There are restrictions in place, and these will likely vary from province to province. However, those who enjoy smoking marijuana will be able to do so (edibles will likely be another year down the road). Do you already smoke pot? Are you planning to try it next year for the first time?

Whatever your level of experience with cannabis, you certainly won’t be alone if you plan on smoking on our next Canada Day. Approximately 4-6 million Canadians will use marijuana when it becomes available in stores.

However, they may find themselves disappointed on the big day. But not in the quality, but the quantity available. If the experience down south is anything to go by, demand will greatly outstrip supply for some time to come. While production has ramped up considerably in the past few months across the country, suppliers here have regularly had trouble supplying enough product for the 170,000 medical marijuana users. Now that that demand will be increasing by a factor of about 30, you had best be prepared for sell outs and other delays.

Alas, this issue will likely not just be for the first few months. American states were not able to fully meet demand until 2-3 years after legalization. As of this writing, not every province has even announced whether they will have stores open by July 1st (don’t worry—you can also order online).

According to the government, the main reason for legalization is to take criminals out of the equation. However, that won’t be happening until any supply problems have subsided. There is also a question of potency; will government-grown pot have the THC levels that hardcore users typically get from their dealers? If not, there will continue to be an underground market.