Safety Tips for Camping This Long Weekend

Isn’t summer just flying by! We are approaching the end of July and the dawning of the August long weekend. Many people like to schedule their yearly family camping trip during this statutory holiday and are working on getting their supplies together.

Have a great time on your camping excursion, but do not forget about looking after yourself and fellow vacationers while out there. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

Wild Animals

It’s great to see animals out there in their native habitat, but there are some you should definitely avoid contact with (e.g. bears). Watch them from a safe distance and do not approach. Make sure that your children and pets observe this rule. In addition to physical harm, some animals carry diseases that will affect humans.

Bug Repellent

It is also possible to get diseases from insects. Make sure to wear bug repellent on all exposed skin areas. Watch out also for ticks; if you find one, follow these instructions for safe removal.

Sun Block

Unless you get non-stop rain, you will be spending a huge amount of your time outdoors, so that makes it more important than ever to protect against the damage that ultra violet rays can do to your skin. Wear an appropriate level of sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat. Also, plan activities so that they occur later in the day, after the sun’s brightest period in the early afternoon.

Beware of Drowning

Try to always have someone with you while swimming (this is especially important if the swimmer suffers from medical conditions that cause physical distress, such as seizures). Do not swim if you are intoxicated. Avoid swimming during stormy conditions or if lightning is present. Try not to swallow any water and shower before and after your time in the lake or river. If boating, always wear a government-approved life jacket.